Sanity check

You are provided with a comprehensive check of the setting, the instruments and the most important processes of your company. Among others, we answer the following questions

  • Are your targets prepared unequivocally, reachable, measurable and known to the relevant personnel?
  • Are all of your and your company‚Äôs activities focussed on reaching these targets?
  • Are all of the resources of your company employed optimally?
  • Is the progress on the way to meet these targets being measured suitably and compared to appropriate plans?
  • Are the results of these investigations communicated clearly, fully and in time?
  • Are your employees being remunerated according to results and in consonance with the market?
  • Are your processes and tools fit for the future?

We compile a meaningful and easily intelligible report in which all significant departments of your company are being checked for improving potential and any problematic areas are being marked as well as first ideas for solutions are being highlighted. In doing so, we completely refrain from using complicated presentations and do not hide behind obscure terminology.

As part of this audit we light up your company on your premises, check your figures and interview your management. Furthermore, we use publicly accessible information concerning your competition.

As a function of the size and complexity of your operations, an input of about 10 man-days is common. As we are aware of the short-term of this audit, we guarantee a swift reply to the questions raised.